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  • Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2020 – 12+1 Extensions That Will Amaze You!
    According to the latest statistics from w3counter.com and Statcounter.com (August 2020), more than 60% percent of users globally use Google Chrome to surf the Internet. And the chances are, you are reading this article using Google Chrome as well. Year by year, Google Chrome proves to be the fastest and the most convenient web browser…
  • Top 6 Website Speed Test Tools
    Your website can experience some beneficial and harmful effects by speed. Thus, there is a great consideration on website speed testing tools by web developers, marketers, and IT departments. You may be witnessed an impressive impact on the total achievement of your site while your webpage loading speed is improved. Your performance including user experience…
  • How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress – A Simple Tutorial
    If you are planning to add Google Analytics to WordPress website, to help you understand how your audience interacts with your website, as well as how to improve their experience, then continue reading. In this article we shall help you to take advantage of your website traffic stats provided by google analytics which is accessible…

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