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In this post, we will be giving an honest, complete, and factual review of Wealthy Affiliate platform. This is an important piece of review for you whether you are new to affiliate marketing, you have some experience or you are a novice looking for an honest opinion and online opportunities.

We shall be revealing the whole truth to answer the following questions. What is Wealthy Affiliate program about? Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?

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Review of Wealthy Affiliate Program- All WA features


Wealthy Affiliate (WA )as commonly known by the community is a one-stop platform that includes among others, affiliate program, Live and recorded training, web hosting, web and Domain design, keyword search, and a community of over 1.4 million members from over 193 countries.

WA is a platform where you get one of the best beginners training about affiliate marketing systematically with additional tools like web hosting and keyword research tools for ease of learning. Their training includes systematic illustrations, videos and text.

WA started in 2005 by two people Kyle and Carson and happens to be the most popular in 2020.

wealthy affiliate statistics

You can join for free without any time limit and test the waters with minimum resources before you upgrade to premium membership to enjoy the full benefit.


Summary Overview


review of Wealthy Affiliate - summary table


Is Wealthy Affiliate a Get-rich-quick strategy? Overnight Millionaire.

Unlike several other online platforms where you are promised to make millions in a few days, in Wealthy Affiliate you have to be dedicated and work your way up. The good thing is that you have well-placed materials and support.


Everything you need to create and grow a business to any level online is included. From the education, the tools, the support, the network, the websites, and the community. The only missing piece is you and some effort.


Target Audience – Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

No experience necessary. No technical knowledge is necessary.

When I started in Wealthy Affiliate I had not created a single website before, but now look at me here with two complete websites and counting. For the experienced, its an added advantage since you will start taking advantage of the available services almost immediately.

WA is for every person, from those in college to the retirees. There is something for everybody and you are free to move at your speed.


Wealthy Affiliate Support – Strange Community

United and loving Community - lov 4 affiliate logo

Have you ever seen a group of people who are all in their own business but they treat one another as business partners instead of competitors? That’s the Wealthy Affiliate community.

With the pay it forward mentality, you get answers from the community of over 1 million members within several minutes. Since they are from different nationality and time zones, there is always some people online at any time of the day. That’s one of the biggest strengths of Wealthy Affiliate over many other platforms.

The problem is the fact that sometimes the individualized support from some personal coaches allocated does not work at all especially in my experience and several other I have noted. However, that is well compensated by the larger community.

Also, there is no moderation for community chat and hence sometimes it can get overboard with unnecessary messages and emails.


Wealthy Affiliate Training – Learn as you Earn

WA training is simple with step by step training and a wide range of training resources including videos, text as well

Training - A man training a child how to ride bicycle
as weekly live training. Every step there is an activity to perform as progress towards building your business.

My advice DON’T GIVE UP IN THE MIDDLE, those who don’t quit even when they feel like doing so make it to the end to give a success story.

For Wealthy Affiliate starter member, you have 20 lessons for free, while the rest is available to the premium members only.

Premium members have access to 50 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification where you learn all about creating an online business within any niche and 70 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp where you will learn specifically about affiliate marketing and especially promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

However, the biggest problem is that some materials are not updated regularly and in some cases, there is an overlap of some lessons taught, especially between the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” and the “Affiliate Bootcamp”.

However, I have noted some updates from August 2020 for a number of training sessions and a new button has been added to allow users to suggest where updates are needed. Hopefully, soon there will be fresh and energetic content all through.

The good news is that there is a generous community who will always guide you in the right direction when you get stuck. Just be sure to ask your question at the bottom of every lesson. Furthermore, there is no single perfect training system available out there.

Available Tools – Well Equipped for the Job

There are numerous tools available for beginners. In fact, you don’t need to come with anything, int only you and your passion.

Site builder from Wealthy Affiliate

Among the tools includes:

Siterubrix website platform – Wealthy Affiliate has an easy to use platform for building your website with multiple themes available (two free sites for starters and 10 free sites for premium member), managing the website, adding content with grammar checker and templates(3,000+), registering a domain (maximum 10 domains for premium), as well as get comments and feedback platforms from 1000s of members.

You can get site support 24/7 on your site. I have personally used this feature and its very efficient.

Very fast hosting platform which leads to better rankings of your site. Check out on my site speed below.

site speed in wealthy affiliate hosted site


Page speed from google PageSpeeds Insight.


lov 4 affiliate mobile page speed

There is also the keyword research tool Jaaxy which gives 30 free searches for beginners and unlimited searches for premium members.

These are among the tools that make WA a friendly platform to work with.


WA Affiliate Program – Start Earning

There are several ways to earn from Wealthy Affiliate, on top of building your niche and promoting other products,

You can also promote WA as a product on your website or social media that you are taught on how to create and start earning immediately you get the first person to join WA through your affiliate link.

Here is the breakdown for affiliate program from Wealthy Affiliate.

This means you can even start earning as a starter member without even paying anything. However, it doubles if you are a premium member.

You get to earn a recurring commission for the lifetime of your referrals in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

The good thing is that there is a dedicated class just for teaching you how to become an affiliate for WA and other affiliate programs.




Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons


Before you jump in please take time and read the following strengths of wealthy affiliate in summary.

  1. The very first thing that you will realize is the friendly user interface.
  2. Systematically arranged learning materials – Its easy to learn for a beginner
  3. Thorough training on fundamentals – Recommended for beginners
  4. Take action activities -learn as you practice with activities that allow you to monitor your progress easily.
  5. Affordable price compared to others – with USD49 per month is affordable compared to several others in the market
  6. A community that is ready to help – Ask any question and you are likely to get help any time of the day
  7. Has a free option to start with and test the system, although it’s blocked for some countries.
  8. Basic keyword research tool as part of your package – Free for a premium membership
  9. Text and video content in the training
  10. High-speed hosting services – I did not experience any problems with site speed, although website speed is a product of several factors, not just the hosting services.
  11. Multiple features in one platform – you get training, hosting, domain purchase, community support and research tool all in one platform.
  12. Welcoming community – though some people don’t like it, it can be helpful especially for very new members in the affiliate marketing.
  13. 24/7/365 site support – You get site support response almost immediately at any time of the day.
  14. Site comment – Get quality comments for your website from the available platform and community
  15. Site feedback platform – You can feedback on your design, layout, content and others from thousands of members which is a give and take platform. Feedback is very important especially when it comes from people who are in the same field as yours.
  16. Easy to set up a website – using Siterubix platform is very easy to create a website or even transfer your domain to their servers.
  17. Automated services such as SSL and DNS setup – This is good news for non-techy people.
  18. Available new training every day including live training on a regular basis usually weekly on upcoming issues.
  19. Unlimited emails and email forwards with easy setup for your domain. This is not available for free domains.



Some of the issues that might discourage you once you join Wealthy Affiliate are;

1. No rules or moderation for community chats – There are no clear rules for chat board and hence it can go overboard

2. Outdated learning materials in the foundation lessons – Some of the materials are outdated and not regularly updated.

3. Missing training in the foundation lessons – Some very important training is missing including “backlinking, email marketing, nofollow” and others. You will, however, find some of those training in the individual members training released on daily basis.

4. No refund available for the first few days.

5.  Jaaxy does not have advanced features to help you optimize your site better.

6. Kyle not available as promised when joining- despite Kyles promises in the welcoming letter I personally sent him three replies to emails he sent me without reply.

7.  Internal ranking, not based on expertise- At one point I was ranked 3000 and overnight I skipped to 300 just for welcoming new members. Has nothing to do with experience or success.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?

After using WA for about five years my VERDICT

wealthy affiliate is REAL
You can earn money in WA by setting your business up in their platform and taking advantage of their fast hosting service and rich community always ready to help.

Above all, it’s free to start and test the waters, without any risks. You can always reverse and cancel your account without any loss.


WA Membership – How to Join

It’s absolutely free to join WA, no card no PayPal needed for life. It’s free. To join premium you shall pay $19 for the first month and $49 /month thereafter. There is however a discount if you go yearly of $93.

That means that you will pay only $495 for 12 months and get other benefits such as

  • 100 community credits worth $50 and
  • Free .com domain registration worth $14

It’s not easy to get a combination of all those services for such an amount.

*Please note that some countries are not allowed to join as free members but they must join as premium members directly, while others are barred from joining completely due to high rate of fraud membership. You can confirm the full updated list of restricted countries here.



Every year WA runs an ultra-exclusive WA Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid.

If you can make 300 referrals in a calendar year,

That may not be difficult considering the tools you have and the kind of support you can get from the platform.

Final Thoughts

The lessons you can learn in wealthy affiliate can help you build your own business – and even multiple businesses over time if that is what you want. While WA is not perfect and does have it’s flaws – it is far better than most other platforms I have ever found and offers you (and me) incredible value for a very affordable and very modest price.

In our review of Wealthy Affiliate, we have concluded that WA is a true program for digital marketing that can take you far especially if you are a beginner, by growing your business idea at a very affordable cost. There is a cost for every investment and That’s why you need to dedicate your time to learn for you to be successful.

WA by its self may not give you all that you need in the world of affiliate marketing, you need to network with other successful persons in the field by joining platforms and groups that will help you grow professionally.

Before you start building a skyscraper you need to start by a good foundation, and where WA comes in, to lay foundation even for those who do not have any experience at all.

No matter your age you will still find something useful for you in the platform to start with.

Start by joining a risk-free membership as I did, if you like it go ahead and join premium membership.


I hope this post was helpful to you. You can consider checking out on other training opportunities in my other post to add more knowledge in affiliate marketing.

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3 years ago

A really comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate. Love your summary, provides what people want to know at a glance. I think one of the most valuable aspects is the responsiveness of site support. When you get stuck, time is of the essence and we need that quick response. The community is also invaluable in keeping you motivated and providing additional support. It’s really needed. I think it’s worth a go, particularly as it’s free to trial.

Reply to  Martine
3 years ago

Exactly, it’s very motivating, especially for new members. I agree with you, support is key to success from any support. Otherwise, it will be a wasted investment.

3 years ago

Hi James, Nice well laid out article. Wealthy Affiliate’s is the best. I’m trying it myself and loving it.
Regards Barry

Reply to  Barry
3 years ago

Yes indeed, Just continue with the training and soon and soon you will get good results. Best wishes

3 years ago

Hello James,
I know that WA is a great place if your ready to go till the end you will definitely find successes.
After reading your article, I feel like I made the right choice.

Reply to  Nataliya
3 years ago

It’s surely the right choice, and sweet fruits waiting at the end of your season. Best wishes

3 years ago

Hello James,
I believe as you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to help anyone begin a serious business. For me, I established five websites with Wealthy Affiliate. Besides, I had a blog in Wealthy Affiliates in which I showed some proofs of payments from Wealthy Affiliate

Reply to  Rania Masaeed
3 years ago

Thank you, Rania, Indeed I just read the blog and thats a good proof