About Lov 4 Affiliate

Welcome to Lov 4 affiliate, where we analyze, review and advice various products, services and tools available for use to promote affiliate marketing.

We advise the best available products in digital marketing and the products to avoid to become a successful marketer.

We offer advice on how to perform several activities related to affiliate marketing including but not limited to SEO, website creation, email marketing, social marketing and content writing among others.

Starting Point

I started researching online jobs in 2015 where I met many options, some good some not so good and some scams. As a result, I gave up and withdrew before I even created my first site.

I came back later and started this platform with the aim of helping other marketers as they start their journey. I have learned a lot since then and am now a fully-fledged online worker.


Avoid Scams

Scams are all over in the field of digital marketing, “overnight millionaire”, and “earn without any effort” seems to be the order of the day in social media and Youtube. Vultures waiting to devour the money-hungry people off their hard-earned money. One thing you notice is that they create the content of what majority of people want to hear and a result they enter in an unnecessary pit that sucks their pockets dry.

There is no easy money and we need to work hard to earn our place in digital marketing. It is the way to go in modern society with over 4 billion people now using the internet and half of them using mobile phone dairy, it’s important to learn how to it the right way. That’s why I created this site to help those caught up in the dilemma of where to start ar which tool to deploy

Having gone through a lot of systems, I thought it wise to make it easier for those looking for options to get online jobs without much hustle. Also, I will help you to avoid being scammed and losing your hard-earned money online with shoddy deals.

Many Online Options

There are many options to earn money online and we shall be focusing on digital marketing and all tools associated with it. I will be using my experience and research to identify the right option for your online job. This includes warning on possible scams and areas to avoid.

If you ever need a hand on any issue or have any questions, feel free to leave in the contact form and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

James Wachira

Founder of Lov 4 Affiliate